Granny's Chips Reloaded


Granny’s Chips: Reloaded, a humorous take on the renowned Cullinan Diamond chippings. A gift from the South African government to the British Royals, the Cullinan Diamond was the world’s most expensive diamond in the early 1900s. HRH Queen Mary had Cullinan III and Cullinan IV, the most famous of the Cullinan chippings, mounted in a lattice-work setting. Her grand-daughter, HRH Queen Elizabeth inherited the brooch affectionately dubbed ‘Granny’s Chips’ in 1952.

Granny’s Chips: Reloaded ‘re-visits’ the Cullinan chippings whilst adding a contemporary twist whereby tradition and modernity collide yet are simultaneously in dialogue. The collection brings together issues of beauty and the grotesque and places Weidenbach’s contemporary-baroque jewellery as a provider of light-hearted commentary on issues of power.

In September 2015 Silvia was the winner of the Goldsmiths’ Fair, Best New Design Award, for her forward-thinking brooch collection, ‘Granny’s Chips Reloaded,’ a humorous take on the renowned Cullinan Diamond chippings.


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